Mobile Management Suite (MMS)


This software application for mobile phones basically helps users dynamically customize and personalize their phone with their own preferences and business or personal lifestyle.    They can do so through diverse interfaces provided by us. The Product can be accessed through the phone itself, MS-Outlook or our web based interface.  It also gives you complete control over your phone in terms of call management as well as tight security in case the user’ s phone is lost or stolen. You are able to remotely, over the web, by phone or by text message, lock down your phone, wipe your devices data clean, reset the device, block calls and data usage, and track your phones physical location and even record phone calls and keystrokes

Salient features of this technology include but are not limited to:

• Users will enjoy one click information transfers. With a single click, users can transfer all their data from one phone to another without losing important data. This way if the user gets a new phone or needs to duplicate their information on another, they can move their Security Details, Phone Profile, Contacts, Call Logs, Call Recordings, Schedule, Data Files, etc. with a click of the mouse or push of a button as the case may be.
• User can dynamically customize and personalize the phone as per his/her lifestyle be it business, personal or both. The user does not need to be technical to be able to operate the MMS.
• Tight integration with MS-Outlook and a Web based user interface that allows the user to set the customization & settings and even change them on the fly. Cross platform migration and management of the user’s important data & settings such as their Contacts, SMS/MMS, E-mail, Call Logs, Personalized settings, Contents, recordings etc.
• Tight security of the cell phone and its data in case the phone is lost or stolen. In such event the user can manage the phone remotely and control the activities as well as track the complete phone operations and user behavior. They can also instantly delete sensitive data and lock the phone remotely.
• Efficient, customized and integrated call management features specifically tailored to the requirements of specific groups. Users can customize this feature on their own using the user friendly wizard without having to be a technical person and corporation heads can preset the features for their employees.