The nanotechnology service is an offshore outsourcing company with a little different from the other companies. Our company draws out the best of the both worlds trusted by reduction in costs by offshore development with quality, an excellent character and an immediate local firm. Our company has been often called "Home team" of the offshore outsourcing.

The adoption and the adjustment are easy now though the offshore outsourcing begun as a strategy with cheap cost and high technology also has passed the long track of years.

The nanotechnology service is providing service that combines the best of the both worlds as a pioneer of the offshore outsourcing for fourth generation. That is the domination based on results of the offshore development that provides with the existence of an industry experience, hot technology knowledge, cultural compatibility and a regional consulting not only the economy of outsourcing but also to be able to put the business strategy into practice etc is obtained.

This is a method of introduction to the latest idea and the method into all parts of the organization and drawing out by a more excellent result. This can be achieved without experiencing the substantial change.

We cooperate with the customer to achieve the cost reduction, a prompt speedup of the product launch, a new product development and the new business developments of the business. The business is approached from all the aspects with 24 hours, the innovation of the process, the delivery, the business and the technology is offered.